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About Brand

EYE project is an embroidery studio and a brand of conceptual patches from Moscow. We bring to life our author’s drawings in the form of heat-seal patches, badges and stickers. EYE is not only patches. EYE is an entire art direction and world outlook which unites present strong personalities with an inexhaustible inner world and a creative approach to creating your own image.

Every patch is a new idea, impulse visualized in the format of a stylish outfit element. EYE accessories are made of good quality European materials and with the help of modern equipment and professional tools. A great number of elements are handmade because we want to create something special and display the brainchild as exactly as possible. 

Apart from the author’s drawings you will be able to find on our website topical characters of modern pop culture and the latest fashion trends. And if you want to create something truly special, it will be our pleasure to tambour any your design according to an individual order.

Don’t be afraid to show this world who you really are as EYE project is made for those who don’t depend on other people’s opinion. Go ahead paving your own path in a world striving for disorder. 

EYE project accessories will become your backing allowing you to create your own particular image.